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Welcome to our Kin site!

Keep checking back in for updated new and events.  Were just gettin started folks, and there's alot more to come.  We encourage you to add your content here also.  That screen shot you took of your triumph over...whatever?  Send it up!  Video of a 3,6 or 12 man victory...(or defeat..those are always good for a laugh)?  Send it up!  Questions about something?  Start a thread in the forum! 

Even though we are a casual kinship, we will do just about anything! (3,6,12-man instances, end-game content, the works!) We'll start organizing events based on your needs soon, so be sure to check the Voting section soon for that and other issues you can help decide.

New applicants, please go to the Characters / Setting page and associate your toons to you account here, so we can give you appropriate rights to the site.


Hello Everyone!

Aldtherion, Dec 17, 11 6:13 PM.
Hello All!

It has been quite some time that something has been posted on here but here goes!

To everyone who needs help, please don't hesitate to ask for it. We have many people who are willing to help out, no matter what level you are!

We also will be keeping new recruits at the 'Recruit' rank until they have either been very helpful in the kin or they have been a member for at least 30 days. This way we can track the new members of our great kinship.

If there is anything else that you would like to suggest, please do not hesitate to send an in-game mail or post it here on our website!



Times of Daily Events!

Aldtherion, Mar 28, 10 8:05 PM.
The times of the daily events are merely just a placeholder. All events are DAILY! This means if we have enough interest at any given time of the day...WE GO!  Those who are interested, please let everyone know so that we can get things started as soon as possible.

Group Instances High and Low Level

Aldtherion, Mar 15, 10 7:59 AM.
I know that recently we have been setting up higher level instances but we can also set up anything that is lower level (Great Barrows, Garth Arawen, Tomb of Elendil, Carn Dum / Urugarth etc.). Just let us know ahead of time and maybe we can set it as a reoccuring event on that particular day of the week!!

I wouldn't want other people to feel left out.... and besides, it's nice to go back and refresh our memories of how GREAT the lower level instances really are!

New Alliance!

Aldtherion, Mar 14, 10 2:58 PM.
We are now allied with the great kinship named Grey Company. It contains many friendly people and you can speak to them via our custom chat channel. Just type: '/joinchannel da_alliance' then press enter. To type in the channel press, /1 + spacebar (if it's your first custom channel) 

This alliance should make the search of other people for group activities easier!!!

Carn Dum Successful!

Aldtherion, Mar 8, 10 7:40 AM.
Congratulations to all the members who took part in the successful Carn Dum run this past weekend! Great job everyone!
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